Saturday, March 8, 2008

Literary Marketplace: TIANGUIS/Benefit in NYC

A Chicago publication called Chicago Journal recently published a worthwhile piece on one of the most vital, encouraging, and inspiring projects I've encountered in the last couple of years:


Read here and see why Irasema González embodies an alternative to what I'll call an ethos of complaint (which I've been party to myself) in the midst of the ongoing conversations on visibility/invisibilty of Latino and Latina writers in the U.S. literary landscape: in other words, Irasema is nourished by a passion that that she has transformed into action. In short, her efforts have reminded me that a more pro-active posture is the way to go---something the soon to be announced Latino Poetry Review will attempt to embody.


And speaking of action, Rich Villar and crew are at it again. Read all about it here, spread the work, lend a hand.

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