Thursday, March 6, 2008


Thanks to the generosity of a private donor, the Institute for Latino Studies (ILS) at the University of Notre Dame is pleased to announce the creation of an endowment for Letras Latinas—the literary program of the ILS. The initial beneficiary of this endowment, at the request of the donor, is the Letras Latinas Young Writers Initiative. As the endowment grows through continued philanthropy, however, funds will be earmarked for ongoing projects that are consistent with our mission—such as, for example, the Letras Latinas Residency Fellowship, which I'll be saying more about in the coming weeks.

At this time I would like to offer an overdue heartfelt thanks here, at the Letras Latinas Blog, to those individuals who stepped up and generously contributed to the initial campaign—in 2007:

Ken Crocker
José L. Medina
Martha Aragon
Kurt Mitchler
Bill Campbell, S.M.
Paul Peabody
William McGrath
Roger Soudah
Steve McCarthy
Helena María Viramontes
Alex Espinoza
Dean Telfer
Barry Head
John Chendo
Joel Nelson
Mike Alvarez
Merlyn Schrock
Cornelius Eady & Sarah Micklem
Gary L Hogle & Barbara A. Lahman
Vittorio Anastasio
Pat & Linda McCluskey
Tom Barber
Dave Glidden
Willard & Alice Roth
Ralph Reese & Diane Samuels
Tim Eden, S.M.
Michael Puican & Mary Hawley
Robert Vasquez
Francisco X. Alarcón
Eduardo C. Corral
Diana Marie Delgado
Emmy Pérez
Jean Janzen
Oscar Bermeo
Carmen Jimenez Smith
Suzanne Frischkorn
Richard Blanco
Ray Z. Ortiz
Doug Franson
John G. McGinty

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