Friday, May 9, 2014

Reception as Community-Building: a photo gallery

Tonight unfolded splendidly. We gathered in a courtyard.  A PINTURA:PALABRA meet and greet.

Day 1

El Grupo

Adrian Castro and Caridad Moro stock up, 
ponder the light fare, courtesy of Books and Books.

Caridad and Elizabeth,
and behind them:
Mia and Silvia.
(photo credit: Roy Guzman)

Mia Leonin and Alexandra Lytton Regalado (who flew in 
from El Salvador!) meet for the first time.

Who is Mia speaking to? (stay tuned).
Roy Guzman and Elisa Albo converse
Alex rounds out this tableau.

Mia and Silvia Curbelo: back and forth!
Roy looks on.

 Todd, Rita Maria Martinez, and Alex, 
pose nicely for the smartphone cam!

L to R:
Silvia, Mia, Roy, Alex
and Emma Trelles, alum of the DC workshop,
who will guide us this weekend

Elisa and Alex:
y también hubo vino.
(photo credit: Roy Guzman)

Adrian, Elizabeth, and Caridad meet, visit

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