Saturday, April 12, 2014

Honorable Mentions for the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize

As we have in the past three editions, we received 70 + manuscripts for the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize. We forwarded 22 of them to our final judge. Here is what she had to say about four that she has designated as "honorable mentions."

Rhina P. Espaillat writes:

In addition to the winner, four among these manuscripts strike me as exceptional, the work of authors I am sure the future will be glad to hear from:

Once Upon a Time When I Was Mexican
by Gilbert Arzola,
for its profoundly moving account of lives that the reader is made to care about, and for the dignity of characters evoked in clean, lyrical language.

Heaven Below
by Oscar Bermeo,
for its skillful use of traditional prosodic devices, and the apt choice of a few strict forms used in unexpected contexts.

Burning Iris
by Fernando Pérez,
for its marvelous, often surreal imagery, and for linguistic daring: this poet is not afraid to take risks.

Stereo. Island. Mosaic
by Vincent Toro,
for the descriptive flair with which the poet creates the landscape and atmosphere of the Caribbean without evoking Hollywood scenery, and the genuine feel of childhood memories recaptured. The use of the decima as a form is inspired, and helps to fuse the poet’s two literary “homes.”


We will be announcing the winner on Monday, April 14, at the conclusion of the reading featuring our last winner, Laurie Ann Guerrero, and our last final judge, Francisco X. Alarcón.

Our deep gratitude to all the poets who submitted.

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