Monday, September 20, 2010

Festival Flor y Canto. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Francisco X. Alarcón, who was present at the Festival at USC a few days ago, posted some photos on Facebok recently. They were taken by Javier Pinzon. They have given permission to share a few.

partnered with the Poetry Society of America 
to present Thursday night's feature event:
"Celebrando Chicana Poetry." 

Javier took some nice photos of this session, which I'll share here.

Rob Casper of the Poetry Society of America

 Rob introduces the poets...

...and here they are

Diana Garcia

Maria Melendez

Emmy Pérez

 Las tres, otra vez.

 Dos Maestros:
Francisco X. Alarcón y Juan Felipe Herrera

 Vendieno libros con Luis Rodriguez

A group photo

The visionary who made it happen:
Michael Sedano
Em Sedano

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