Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Michael Nava finishes first (46%): run-off with Republican incumbment in November

Superior Court Judge, Seat 15

590 of 590 precincts reporting
Michael Nava ¤ 34,327
Richard Ulmer Jr.* ¤ 31,630
Daniel Dean 8,964

One of the reasons I had to miss the AWP-off-site One Poem Festival in Denver last April is that I had to host a dinner, in my capacity as an AWP board member, with Achy Obejas and Michael Nava. 

Dining and conversing with Michael that evening was one of the highlights of my time in Denver: the stories he told about what he had been experiencing by running for judge in San Francisco were jaw dropping. 

The odds were stacked against him to accomplish what he's just accomplished: to come in ahead of an incumbment judge. I remember thinking to myself that if he were able to come in first or second (and prevent the incumbent from getting more than 50%), the real battle would then begin and he was going to need more help from our community---a lot. He's still the underdog. It's time to really step up:

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