Friday, September 7, 2007

First Person Account: Young Writers Workshop

"I simply had a great time at SIU. It helped me really produce some interesting work, and meet some fantastic people. The faculty were great—all dedicated writers who are simply inspiring. Some of them were incredibly serious or just simply crazy, but nonetheless they were all prophetic in one way or another. The most important part of the SIU writing workshop is the open mic nights every night, where you get the chance to share some work with people you know and who will appreciate it. It also gives you the opportunity to learn more about your fellow peers there at the program. A single poem tells you about the way they grew up and the most important parts of their life. It’s also just great to hear some really good work. Being in an environment where everyone has a strong passion for writing and literature is simply nothing less than awesome. The small close knit environment is intense and intimate. It really gives you space to just let you be who you are, a poet or a fiction writer. "

—Rex Ovalle

current student at Cristo Rey who took part
in the last Young Writers Workshop at SIU


Thank you to those who placed their orders for Braille for the Heart since the last post!

The proceeds, again, go towards replicating experiences like Rex Ovalle's in the years to come, with the collaboration of Allison Joseph and her workshop, which next year will be five days, extended from four.

Please remember that the principal objective for this pre-distribution phase (while I am in MN and away from the chapbooks) is to compile a snail mail list. So please remember to e-mail me, above all, the address where I will be mailing the chapbook(s). Don't worry about payment just yet.

Keep the orders coming.

For those who are curious about where I am this month, have a peek.

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Allison J. said...

Thanks so much for the quote from Rex, which I will pass on to everyone here. We at SIUC are very much looking forward to the tenth annual Young Writers Workshop--Allison J.