Wednesday, August 3, 2016

PINTURA:PALABRA @ Bryant Park: The Photo Gallery

These photographs made their way to Facebook, but here they are, as a photo gallery--visual documentation of the PINTURA:PALABRA reading that took place on August 2, 2016, in NYC.

Signage (1)

Pre-reading mingle:
Valerie Martínez 
visits with members of her family
Emma Trelles and Justin Petropoulos
Dan Vera, Luis López-Maldonado, Brenda Cárdenas
The Reading Room's "Word for Word" 
Tuesday night poetry series
in Bryant Park
is the brainchild of Paul Romero 
who starts the evening with opening remarks
Francisco Aragón
succinctly tells the PINTURA:PALABRA story
before reading three poems
 Brenda Cárdenas
reads her poem "Placa/Rollcall"
inspired by the artwork
of the same name
by Charles "Chaz" Bojórquez
Brenda Cárdenas 
after reading two ekphrastic poems of her own
reads Juan Felipe Hererra's "Radiante(s)"
inspired by "Radiante"
by Olga Albizu
Paul Romero's Bryant Park colleagues,
in addition to setting up a large television screen
to project the artworks, 
prepared hardcopy packets of the artwork
Valerie Martínez
reads her poem "Granite Weaving,"
inspired by the artwork 
of the same name
by Jesus Moroles
el público

público y poeta
Emma Trelles
reads her poem "Decoy Gang War Victim"
inspired by the artwork
of the same name
by Asco
Emma Trelles
reads Alexandra Lytton Regalado's "El Chandelier"
inspired by the artwork
of the same name
by Pepón Osorio
Dan Vera
reads his poem "Constellation"
inspired by the artwork
of the same name
by María Magdalena Campos-Pons

 On the right: Nathan Osorio,
who is preparing a blog post
about the PINTURA:PALABRA reading
in Bryant Park
books for sale
by Kinokuniya Bookstore

L to R:
Steven Cordova, Dan Vera, 
Brenda Cárdenas, Francisco Aragón
L to R:
Emma Trelles, Paul Romero, Francisco Aragón,
Valerie Martínez, Brenda Cárdenas, Dan Vera 
 post-reading dinner (1)
post-reading dinner (2)
post-reading dinner (3) 
signage (2)
post script: the raffle:
 As a token of appreciation, Letras Latinas
gathered the names of those in attendance
in a blue cap, asked Paul Romero
to do the honors and pluck one winner
of the gorgeous art catalogue:
Our America: the Latino Presence in American Art
And the winner is:
Nga Le-Blatt

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