Saturday, October 31, 2015

ANGELS OF THE AMERICLYPSE mini-conference: the photo gallery

What follows is a photo gallery
of the events of October 28-29, 2015
that took place 
the University of Notre Dame
 the principal players

poets checking in 
The Morris Inn
"Latin@ Poetry In Relation" 
"The Politics of Translation"
both took place in McKenna Hall
aka, our Conference Center
but also the home of 
the Institute for Latino Studies
just across the way from The Morris Inn
Carmen and Rosa were special guests 
in "Latino/a Poetry Now,"
a literature course that meets on MW 9:30 - 10:45 AM
Wednesday morning:
MFA candidate Chris Holdaway interviews Roberto Tejada
Luis Maldonado interviewed Rodrigo Toscano;
Thursday morning:
Ae He Lee interviewed Rosa Alcalá;
Suzi García interviewed Carmen Giménez Smith
Wednesday @ 12 noon:
Each of our four poets had lunch at Sorin's, the restaurant
at the Morris Inn. They were each joined by the MFA candidate
who interviewed them for the oral history video interviews project,
and the MFA candidate(s) who formally introduced them
at the evening reading on Wednesday night
Wednesday @ 2:00 PM:
 the moments preceding 
"Latin@ Poetry in Relation:
a conversation"
(photo credit: Suzi Garcia)
 L to R:
Roberto Tejada, Rosa Alcalá
Carmen Giménez Smith, Rodrigo Toscano.
Letras Latinas invited Michael Dowdy
to introduce and moderate this panel
post panel conversations
Wednesday, 6:15 - 7:30 PM:
(photo credit: Suzi Garcia)
L to R:
Rodrigo, Roberto, Carmen, Rosa, Francisco, Michael
7:30 PM:
(photo credit: Suzi Garcia)
Letras Latinas would like to thank
the MFA candidates who delivered
wonderful introductions. They were (clockwise):
Christopher Muravez 
Alethea Tusher &Kelsey Castaneda
Nichole Riggs &Zachary Anderson 
Katherine Cousino

(photo credit: Suzi Garcia)
the poets giving a "fugue reading,"
the four of them 
weaving their voices
and when they were done:
well done!
post-reading mingle:
in the background on the right: special thanks
to our videographer and live-streamer:
stay tuned for the video interviews
and, for those of you, who couldn't catch
the live-stream
 a second look at the reading
books were sold!
Day 1 
is done
McKenna Hall
home of the Institute for Latino Studies
University of Notre Dame
Letras Latinas would like to thank
Johannes Görrasson
for moderating "The Politics of Translation"
winding down in the PM:
Roberto with our hosts:
Rob,and Suzi

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