Thursday, January 1, 2015

Letras Latinas: A Year in Poetry, 2014

As I mentioned on Facebook a few weeks ago, we started these year-end lists in Latino/a poetry back in 2010, and did one in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Our proposition is straightforward and without pretense: to list collections of poetry—whether a chapbook or a full-length book—that were published in a given calendar year. This year, though, we crowd-sourced and what follows is the result: 34 titles (for now):

Angels of the Americlypse:
New Latin@ Writing
edited by
Carmen Giménez Smith and John Chávez

Theatre Under My Skin:
 Contemporary Salvadoran Poetry/
Teatro bajo mi piel:
poesía contemporanea salvadoreña
(Editorial Kalina)
edited by
Tania Pleitez, Alexandra Lytton Regalado,
and Lucia de Sola

Codeswitch: Fires from Mi Corazón
(Los Writers Underground Press)
by Iris De Anda

The Lost Letters of Mileva
(Pandora Lobo Press)
by M. Miranda Moloney

Where the Reckless Ones Come to Die
(Aztlan Libre Press)
by Vincent Cooper

(FlowerSong Books)
by Erika Garza-Johnson

(El Zarape Press)
by Edward Vidaurre

cunt. bomb.
(Create Space)
by Jessica Helen Lopez

If I Go Missing
(Slough Press)
by Octavio Quintanilla

All Day, Talking
(Dancing Girl Press)
by Sarah A. Chávez

De quites y querencias:
antología de poems y poeticas: 1974-2014
(Publicaciones del Ministerio de Cultura)
by Rei Berroa

Todos Somos Whitman
(Vaso Roto Ediciones)
by Luis Alberto Ambroggio

Borderless Butterflies: Earth Haikus and Other Poems/
Mariposas sin frontera: Haikus terrenales y otros poems
(Poetics Matrix Press)
by Francisco X. Alarcón

The Ransom and Example of Atahualpa
(Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press)
by Juan Morales

Autoepitaph: Selected Poems
(University Press of Florida)
by Reinaldo Arenas
edited by Camelly Cruz-Martes
translated by Kelly Washbourne

Mouth Filled With Night
(Northwestern University Press)
by Rodney Gomez

Comprehending Forever
(Aquarius Press)
by Rich Villar

The Essential Hits of Shorty Bon Bon
(Penguin Books)
by Willie Perdomo

In the Garden of the Bridehouse
(University of Arizona Press)
by J. Michael Martínez

(Four Way Books)
by Cynthia Cruz

Corpus Christi Octaves
(Flutter Press)
by Jose Angel Araguz

Wet Land
(Action Books)
by Lucas de Lima

You Da One
(Coconut Books)
by Jennifer Tamayo

Polvo enamorado/Love Dust
(Izote Press)
by Cacayo Ballesteros

The Possibilities of Mud
(Kórima Press)
by Joe Jiménez

The Cha Cha Files
(Kórima Press)
by Maya Chinchilla

Lavando La Dirty Laundry
(Mongrel Empire Press)
by Natalia Treviño

Red Leather Gloves 
(Hansen Publishing)
by Ben Olguín

(Sarabande Books)
by David Tomás Martínez

(Noemi Press)
by elena minor

(Editora Educación Emergente)
by Urayoán Noel

(University of Arizona Press)
by Edwin Torres

(Grand Concourse Press)
by Bonafide Rojas

Boricua Passport
(2Leaf Press)
by J.L. Torres

Letters to the Poet
from His Brother
(Copilot Press)
by Maceo Montoya

Amorecito Maricon
(Korima Press)
by Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano


msedano said...

an impressive and valuable project. nicely done.

msedano said...

an impressive and valuable project. nicely done.

Francisco Aragón said...

Thanks, em. It's become one of the annual things we do, something more elaborate (with book covers and links), sometimes less.....will likely assign a student to spruce it up a bit later....