Saturday, March 29, 2014

One Highlight of National Poetry Month: April 10

Rigoberto González's forthcoming lecture at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. is one of many highlights Letras Latinas has in store for National Poetry Month.

Others are:

--An interview here at Letras Latinas Blog with Xavier Cavazos, conducted by Lauro Vazquez, on the occasion of the publication and presentation in New York of Barbarian at the Gate, selected by Thomas Sayers Ellis for a 2013 PSA Chapbook Fellowship Award.

--A collective review/response to the poetry collection Fetish (University of Nebraska Press, 2013) by Orlando Ricardo Menes. Letras Latinas Blog will be posting, throughout the month, two at a time, a total of ten pieces, each responding to a different poem in the collection.

--the release of TITULADA by elena minor, volume 2 of The AKRILICA Series, brought to you by Letras Latinas and Noemi Press

--The press release announcing the 2014 recipient of the John K. Walsh Residency Fellowship (formerly the Letras Latinas Residency Fellowship). Started in 2008, this will be our seventh recipient in the series.

--a reading on April 8 at Colorado State University at Pueblo, featuring Letras Latinas national book prize winners Laurie Ann Guerrero and Dan Vera.

--The second annual Letras Latinas Writers Initiative MFA weekend gathering at the University of Notre Dame, slated for April 12-14, where we will be hosting three visiting Latino/a MFA candidates: Elizabeth Acevedo, Nayelly Barrios, and Javier Zamora.

-- The fifth Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize reading, slated for Monday, April 14 at the University of Notre Dame, featuring Laurie Ann Guerrero and Francisco X. Alarcón. At the conclusion of the reading, Letras Latinas will be announcing the winner of the sixth Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize, selected by Rhina P. Espaillat. We will also be naming four honorable mentions.

--The press release, in the latter half of the month, for the third recipient of the Letras Latinas/Red Hen Poetry Prize, slated for future publication with Red Hen Press, selected by Lorna Dee Cervantes

--a reading in Washington, D.C. on April 20 at Busboys and Poets, as part of Split This Rock's "Sunday Kind of Love series," featuring Pablo Miguel Martínez and Elizabeth Acevedo.

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