Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"US Latino poets en español": a midway pause.

Xánath Caraza

Back in February I posted a comment in which I provided some context for the creation of the Spanish-language column, “US Latino poets en español,” which appears in the online poetry journal, Periódico de Poesía, founded and directed by Mexican poet, Pedro Serrano.

We have reached the half-way mark in terms of the first year of the column—that is: five of the ten projected columns have been posted. I say “we,” but that’s something of a misnomer: the lion’s share of the credit goes to Xánath Caraza, who has actually been producing the column.  Credit for the concept belongs to Serrano who, as I mentioned in my post on February 11, went out of his way to attend two flagship Letras Latinas events  in DC over a year ago: installment 2 of Latino/a Poetry Now at Georgetown University, and an event at the Folger Shakespeare Library.

It was at these two aforementioned events that the project was pitched (by Serrano) and later sealed. Letras Latinas’ role, in the first year of the column, has been mostly “co-curatorial.” So, for those of you who can read Spanish and would like a flavor of how five of our poets look and sound en español, here are some pics and links, in reverse order:


The remaining poets to be translated and profiled
in 2013, in no particular order, are:
Raina J. León
Victor Hernández Cruz
Rigoberto González
John Murillo
Lorna Dee Cervantes


Norma said...

Great work to make our poetry accessible! felicidades Francisco and Xanath!

Norma said...

Great work! Felicidades Xanath and Francisco...