Friday, July 5, 2013

Prose writers supporting Andrés Montoya

When this Initiative was conceived, the plan was to enlist the support, above all, of fellow literary artists. Thus far, most of these have been poets since the principle beneficiary of this gesture is Latino poetry's first book prize. But I wanted to take a moment and single out for a special expression of appreciation those prose writers (novelists, short story writers, and memoirists) who have stepped to the plate. My hope is that their numbers will gradually increase as we move forward toward our goal of selling out "Untitled" by Malaquias Montoya---inspired by the poetry of his son, Andrés. My heartfelt thanks to:
Michael Nava
Benjamin Alire Saenz
Helena Maria Viramontes
Sergio Troncoso
Daniel Chacón
Lorraine Lopez
Fred Arroyo
John Phillip Santos
Sandra Cisneros

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