Tuesday, April 9, 2013

one reader at a time, one print at a time

Sergio Troncoso

There’s that expression: one reader at a time, when talking about expanding an audience for books, for literature, for our stories and poems….

The Andrés Montoya Poetry Initiative has been like that, in large part, as well, where the sale of “Untitled” by Malaquias Montoya is concerned. A stretch of time elapses, I write an e-mail, extending an invitation, outlining what the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize Initiative is…

We learn that our current (fifth) winner’s book, A Tongue In the Mouth of the Dying by Laurie Ann Guerrero has been adopted by Texas A&M, San Antonio College, and Palo Alto College as the selection for a joint college reading program for faculty, staff and students…

We learn that our first winner’s second book, Seven by Sheryl Luna, has just been shipped from the printer’s…

Expanding an audience for our stories and poems…one reader at a time.
The Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize Initiative...one print at a time.

And speaking of Andrés…His good friend Daniel Chacón has edited, and beautifully prologued a posthumous volume of his poems, colon-ization, under contract with Bilingual Press, and slated to be a joint Bilingual/Letras Latinas publication—thanks to people like Sergio Troncoso…who said Yes/Sí…to my invitation…(

Others have arrived to the circle of their own accord, for which we are so grateful...)

Also in the works: a one-day symposium on Andrés upon the publication of his book. But we need your help to bring all of this to fruition.

Please consider joining
(there are 20 of us now!):

Sergio Troncoso
Richard Blanco
Diana García
José Antonio Rodríguez
Eduardo C. Corral
Valerie Martínez
Emma Trelles
Blas Falconer
Benjamin Alire Saenz
Paul Martínez Pompa
Fred Arroyo
Silvia Curbelo
Francisco X. Alarcón
Daniel Chacón
Lorraine Lopez
John Phillip Santos
José B. González
Manuel Paul López
Francisco Aragón

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