Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Latinas Voices at the National Press Club

One of the reasons Letras Latinas exists, one aspect of its mission, is to create, assist in creating, situations that bring Latino/a writers—particularly emerging and mid-career voices—in meaningful contact with one another. The event at the National Press Club yesterday was emblematic of that aim. My thanks to Dan Vera who was responsible for this photo gallery:

Rachel Eliza Griffiths
Maritza Rivera
Carmen Calatayud
Neida Perez

My thanks to Janice Law, founder of the American Women Writers National Museum: her valiant efforts help bring to light the talents and accomplishments of women in American letters. She attended the noon event Letras Latinas held last spring at the Library of Congress with Blas Falconer and Lorraine Lopez, and it was there that the idea for yesterday's event was first pitched. 

A special thanks, as well, to Carmen Calatayud who from the beginning took on an organizational role, including hosting a preliminary gathering last July, which laid the groundwork for yesterday.

And, of course, my thanks to Rachel, Maritza, and Neida, who joined Carmen in sharing their gifts.
Letras Latinas programs 
in the Washington, D.C. area
are made possible, in part, 
by the Weissberg Foundation

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