Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photo Gallery: September 17, 2012, Washington, D.C.

the hottest ticket in town
(photo credit: Eduardo C. Corral)
the stage
(photo credit: Dan Vera)
the audience
Eduardo at the Folger's new podium (1)
(photo credit: Dan Vera)
Eduardo at the Folger's new podium (2)
(photo credit: Dan Vera)
Carl at the podium
(photo credit: Dan Vera)
post-reading discussion using poets'
statements as springboards
(photo credit: Dan Vera)
Eduardo responding
(photo credit: Dan Vera)
Eduardo's excerpted statement:
"Spanish and poems come to me in pieces: the flash of a phrase, a jumble
of syntaxes and dictions, verbal hurdles, the pursuit of epiphany and meaning.
But something magical happens when I'm writing a poem. I'm not singing
in English or Spanish---I'm singing in my mother tongue"
Carl responding
(photo credit: Dan Vera)
Carl's excerpted statement:
"I think of syntax as being related to the erotic. In syntax,
embedded clauses and subordination are the equivalent of
sexual stalling. It's like foreplay."
view from the seats
(photo credit: Sandra Beasley)

Letras Latinas programming
in Washington, D.C.
is made possible
thanks to the generosity
of the Weissberg Foundation
and individual donors.

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