Thursday, July 19, 2012

PALABRA PURA Photo Gallery: Richard and Erika

This evening I had the pleasure, as guest curator, of introducing and listening to Richard Blanco and Erika L. Sánchez for a series that launched in 2006. That is to say: PALABRA PURA is in its seventh season! The event was held at Puerto Rican restaurant La Bruquena, in Chicago. Here are a few pics:
Kimberly Dixon, Executive Director 
of the Guild Complex welcomes us.
Erika, reading
Richard, reading
Upstairs at La Bruquena
 The poets pose, post-reading
poet Ed Roberson has Richard sign
Looking for The Gulf Motel
Erika, mingling
Richard with Letras Latinas Residency Fellow, Jacob Saenz
Ellen Wadey, Macondista and former Executive Director of the Guild
with poet, translator, editor, and Guild board member, Reginald Gibbons.
poet and Guild board president and co-founder of Palabra Pura, Mike Puican
speaking with Weissberg Foundation board member, Wally Babington

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