Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize: the 5th edition

would like to congratulate 
and extend good wishes
to the finalists for the 5th edition
of the Prize.

finalist manuscripts

Brazos, Carry Me
Late-Night Talks with Men I think I Trust
Ulises, Pancho, e Ysrael
José Calderon Supposes
The Center of a Perfect Mango
Words or Water
A Tongue in the Mouth of the Dying
Twice Told Over
The Appropriation of Jane
Diamond Grove Slave Tree
Heaven Below
Curved World
Before We Head South
Little Song for Dissatisfaction
the autobiography of a semiromantic anarchist
King of Kind of Laughing
Red Leather Gloves
House of Sugar, House of Stone
13816 Judd St.
Slow-Ass Bronze Medalist

 finalist poets

Li Yun Alvarado
Steven Alvarez
Oscar Bermeo
Marco Bravo
Xavier Cavazos
David Campos
Guillermo Filice Castro
Yago S. Cura
Diana Marie Delgado
Jose E. Faus
Laurie Ann Guerrero
Lizz Huerta
Rita Maria Martinez
Pablo Miguel Martínez
Gerardo Mena
Adela Najarro
B.V. Olguín
Mónica Teresa Ortiz
Emily Pérez
Jorge Sánchez
Harold O. Terezón


Francisco X. Alarcón
will be selecting the winner
before National Poetry Month concludes.


In the meantime:

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