Thursday, February 23, 2012

Palm Beach, FL, February 18, 2012: Letras Latinas Presents

Back in 2007, when thinking about where to take The Wind Shifts on tour, anthology contributor Richard Blanco gave us a great lead. He shared the good experience he had at the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach, FL, where he gave a reading with two other Florida-based poets. He put us in touch with Molly Charland, the director of the King Library at the Society and the rest, as they say, is history: The Wind Shifts: New Latino Poetry ON TOUR kicked off there in February of 2008. Eduardo C. Corral, Kevin A. González, and Sheryl Luna gave a splendid reading, followed by a lively book signing. Here are some pics

In February of 2010, poets Rita Maria Martinez, author of, Jane-in-the-Box (March Street Press), and Emma Trelles, author of the chapbook Little Spells (GOSS 183 Press) joined Francisco Aragón, who took off his arts administrator's hat, and a second poetry reading took place though this one was not officially sponsored by Letras Latinas. 

When Emma Trelles became the winner of the fourth edition of the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize, and Letras Latinas subsequently joined efforts with Red Hen Press to create another national book prize, we decided to hold another event at the Society, featuring the author of Tropicalia, and the author of Red Hen Press title In Confidence, Jim Tilley. Below are a few pics of this latest collaboration, which we hope and trust will continue on future occasions. Special thanks to Classic Bookshop in Palm Beach, for being the book seller. And a heartfelt thanks to Brandy Stephenson, who assisted us with the logistics of organizing this memorable event. I might also add that among those in attendence at this latest reading was Miles Coon, the founder and director of the Palm Beach Poetry Festival. We were glad see him there.

Emma Trelles and Jim Tilley before the reading

 Upstairs at the King Library
before the reading

Molly Charland of the Society of the Four Arts
gives a warm welcome

Another view of the King Library

Francisco Aragón welcomes the audience
on behalf of Letras Latinas

Emma Trelles reads from 

Jim Tillet reads from
In Confidence

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