Friday, November 11, 2011

AMPPI: Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize Initiative: moving forward

In addition to raising funds to help ensure the sustainability of one of our flagship programs, AMMPI also aims to put into print colón-ization---a posthumous volume of poetry by Andrés Montoya, edited by his good friend Daniel Chacón. Bilingual Press has agreed to co-publish the volume with Letras Latinas.

But another positive outcome of this initiative, in my view, is that a number of Latino/a writers are becoming the proud owners of this silkscreen print by Malaquias Montoya. "Untitled," as I've said here before, is the result of Malaquias' engagement with his late son's poetry. It's not unlike what took place with Poetas y Pintores---another Letras Latinas multidisciplinary project involving visual art and poetry. Among the writers who have become owners of the print (in no particular order):

Fred Arroyo
Valerie Martínez
Paul Martínez Pompa
Sandra Cisneros
Richard Blanco
Daniel Chacón
Benjamín Alire Sáenz
Francisco Aragón

I'd like to think that a particular community is steadily growing---around this print, as the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize Initiative moves forward: a community of artists who have stepped to the plate for a worthy cause. And's with great appreciation that we welcome:


Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing The Farthest Home is in an Empire of Fire for the Notre Dame Review. It was the basis--this book was---of John's featured reader status at AWP last February in DC, as well as his Notre Dame campus visit last month. Lauro Vasquez will be contributing a post and some pics of this visit, soon.

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