Sunday, January 30, 2011

AWP Conference, Washington D.C. (4)

(University of Notre Dame Press, 2011),
winner of the 4th edition
will be for sale at Table B1,
[University of Notre Dame
MFA Creative Writing Program].

Emma Trelles
will be signing her book
on Thursday from 12 noon – 1 PM
and on Friday from 11 AM – 12 noon
at table B1.

There will be a 30% discount for books
purchased and/or ordered
at the AWP Bookfair

“ ‘Everything looks better in a poem,/or worse, depending on how much of the day you were able/to hoard’ That’s a typical flash of wisdom from a poet who is herself a hoarder of images, a beautifier of the Miami streets she lyrically documents. I love the immediacy and gusto of Tropicalia. I am thankful that it is ‘thankful to be standing/in the heat watching egrets.’ The world may not always ‘look better’ in Emma Trelles’s poems, but it is a better place for all lovers of poetry, thanks to her rich and heartfelt book.”

— Campbell McGrath

“In Tropicalia, Emma Trelles gives us Miami—the flora, the fauna, the languages, the interstate. Her poems are luxurious and scrumptious, socially relevant, with oomph and sizzle. The buoyancy of her images and the poignancy of her direct language make Trelles the most exciting poet to emerge recently from the state.”

— Denise Duhamel

“In the poem ‘Nocturne in Parts,’ Trelles writes ‘There is something all-powerful and holy/about a cold orange. Imagine peeling/each day into one flawless strip.’ This gorgeous description of how the divine may perceive the passing of time is convincing, yet false when considering the fruit that is this fibrous and sweet debut collection of poems. Amid interstates and wet grass, saints and devils, protests and surrenders, Trelles exists as an eye—a recurring image in the collection—giving credence to a Florida alien and true. Rather than a contiguous peel, this collection is more like the pile of bright rinds one finds between their feet after feeding ravenously.”

— Kyle G. Dargan

“True to the musical movement of its namesake, Tropicalia is a unique fusion of sounds, sights and textures that entrances the reader into a dream-state. Like a déjà vu of the soul, the physical and emotional landscapes these poems render so precisely feel at once familiar and yet like completely new worlds in which I find love, meaning, and resolve for the first time, again. ‘Beauty is better felt than seen,’ Trelles writes, and it is true: Tropicalia is not a book I merely read, but felt word by word; not poems I merely pondered, but experienced syllable after precious syllable.”

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