Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Poetry Daily posts its 2010 "Poets' Picks"

Every year, for National Poetry Month, the editors at Poetry Daily, Don Selby and Diane Boller, extend invitations to poets who have previously appeared on their site. They are asked to choose (and write about) a favorite poem---by a deceased poet, preferably from the 19th century or earlier, though not necessarily. The resulting poems and commentaries are shared with suscribers of Poetry Daily's newsletter during the month of April---all in the context of their annual fundraising campaign. 
But after the fact, as in very recently, the picks are made available on their website for all to read. One can see all of 2010's picks HERE.
For its part, Letras Latinas, given its mission, would like to foreground these and, in process, commend Poetry Daily for its inclusive curating:
Poetry Daily 2010 Poets’ Picks ( a selection)
Francisco Aragón: April 8
"The Poet Speaks to His Beloved on the Telephone," by Federico García Lorca, tr. by Francisco Aragón
Brenda Cárdenas: April 15
"This Compost," by Walt Whitman
William Archila: April 21
"Sonnet 18," by John Milton
Carmen Giménez Smith: April 26
"Frost at Midnight," by Samuel Taylor Coleridge


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