Friday, August 6, 2010

Rigoberto González on the 20th Anniversary of Arturo Islas' Migrant Souls

Arturo Islas
Avon Books, 1991
Pluma Fronteriza celebrates the 20th anniversary of Arturo Islas' Migrant Souls with a guest post by Rigoberto González:
Arturo Islas: An Appreciation on the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Migrant Souls

Arturo Islas died one day after Valentine’s Day in 1991, almost a year after the release of his second novel Migrant Souls. News of his death was a particularly disappointing moment for me because I had resolved to attend Stanford University’s graduate program just to work with him. I was only a junior at the University of California, Riverside, but I already had aspirations to become a writer. I had been reading Chicano literature voraciously, and one of the books that had moved me had been The Rain God (1984). The sequel to the Angel family saga, had just been released to wide acclaim and I spent the next twelve months fantasizing about telling Islas all about me. You see, the other thing I knew about him was that he was gay. A gay Chicano writer. Who knew there were two of us?

Complete guest post at Pluma Fronteriza.

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