Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chicago Dispatch: bits, and some web finds

winds to a close tomorrow night
with Rita María Martínez and Luis Tubens
(more later)
Craig Santos Perez directs us to a very cool web presence
called Asian American Poetry and Writing.
Lots to explore there, including projects by Lee Herrick;
a piece on Kundiman; another on VONA...

There's also an interesting substantial interview 
with Gabriela Jauregui, whose book,  

Controlled Decay (Akashic/Black Goat, 2008),

will be reviewed by Craig in Latino Poetry Review (LPR) #3.

Jauregui is slated to feature in PALABRA PURA 2010
who is currently editing a multi-author collaborative essay
on Latino writing, shares the following image with us at his blog:

He also shares with us a link taking us a

on YouTube that's worth a look and a listen.

Toscano's National Poetry Series volume

Collapsible Poetics Theater (Fence Books, 2008)

will be reviewed in LPR #3
by poet-critic John Chávez

[ other poets slated to be reviewed or written about in LPR # 3:

2010 Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize final judge 

Rhina Espaillat

Kristin Naca
who will be inaugurating PALABRA PURA 2010

Griselda Suarez

Emma Trelles,
and others ]

And speaking of new titles...

The Book of Ours (Momotombo Press, 2009)
by Octavio R. Gonzlález
with an introduction by Rigoberto González

went to the printer's yesterday...

And finally, in case you missed it last spring (I did)
Arts Desk at the NewHour at PBS online featured
a wonderful poem by the aforementioned
winner of the Academcy of American Poet's Walt Whitman Prize,
along with an audio recordning of him:

by J. Michael Martínez

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