Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Wind Shifts in Kansas City, MO: September 23, 2009

Photos courtesy of Latino Writers Collective member Xanath Caraza
Ben Furnish & Brenda Cárdenas

John Olivares Espinoza arranging his book
Before the reading

 Crosby Kemper III, CO of Kansas Public Library

El Público

 Linda Rodríguez

Brenda Cárdenas

John Olivares Espinoza

signing books

Linda Rodríguez, Mario Duarte, Gloria Martínez Adams, Ben Furnish

Brenda chats with a reader

After reading dinner

The group photo

1 comment:

Xánath Caraza said...

Francisco, Brenda, and John: Great poetry. Great night. Palabras, pensamientos, sentimientos, and magic. I'm still enjoying the energy of your visit to KC.

Xánath Caraza