Monday, June 22, 2009

The Writer's Almanac: Linda Rodriguez

One is particularly pleased when good fortune visits someone who is not only talented, but who is also, quite simply, buena gente---that is: an individual who approaches whatever it is he/she does---paint, write, drive a cab, wait to ascend to the Supreme Court---with a warm and generous spirit. It's a way of being in the world that can't be helped.

Linda Rodriguez, whom I've had the pleasure of spending quality time with this year, is one such person.

Recently, the Macondo Foundation bestowed upon her the Elvira Cordero Cisneros Award. Named after Sandra Cisneros' mother (1929-2007), recipients are selected for exhibiting exceptional talent, a profound commitment to their chosen form of expression, and dedication to the work of nurturing the creativity of others. It is the foundation’s hope that recipients will make use of the award to nurture their own creativity and wellbeing.

Therefore, it's a particular pleasure to announce, here at LETRAS LATINAS BLOG, that tomorrow morning, June 23, 2009, Garrison Keillor will be reading "The Sun Grows in your Smile" on The Writer's Almanac. And on Saturday, June 27, Keillor will read "Meditation on the word Need"---both from Heart's Migration (Tía Chucha Press, 2009)

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Linda Rodriguez said...


You are such a true encourager of so many of us out here scribbling away with all our hearts. Your generosity to so many of us is part of the mortar that holds this community together. Thank you for your kind words, hermano.