Friday, May 1, 2009

P.I.Y.P.D.: Open Invitation: 2 options


Letras Latinas Blog would like to invite:

comments that share any aspect of your experience with
(Latino) Poem In Your Pocket Day on 4/30/09


write the comment as a post on your own blog(s)
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Linda Rodriguez said...


The poem I put in my pocket (actually, my purse) and shared throughout the day was "Journal Keeping" by Lisa Alvarado. I shared it with others at two meetings I attended, both for women's organizations, and with some of those attending a program at the local library that evening. I chose Lisa's poignant poem because I knew that, during the day at least, I would be sharing mostly with women. It was a hit, and a couple of women were moved almost to tears.

Thanks for the great idea.


Francisco Aragón said...

Dear Linda:

Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope Lisa reads this. She's a great reader of her work, and hopefully you'll have occasion to meet her. Congratulations, once again, on the publication of your book. I just ordered it online and look forward to assigning it to be reviewed for Latino Poetry Review.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Gracias, Francisco. I do hope Lisa reads this and knows that her work touched a number of women in KC.

And I still think you should send your found poem to the NYT as a letter to the editor.