Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Letras Latinas Oral History Project (Revisited)

If there's an area I've come to appreciate, in particular, since joining the Institute for Latino Studies (ILS), it's preservation. I feel good about our Oral History Project. And yet, it's been on hold in the last year with a backlog of interviews that have yet to post on the ILS website. I need to look into what's going on.

There are, nevertheless, a number of interviews that are available for viewing. They've been mentioned before, but I'm taking a moment to mention them again, and link to the page that has them. The subjects currently available for viewing are:

Brenda Cárdnas

Sandy Florian

Sheryl Luna

Urayoán Noel

Michelle Otero

Paul Martínez Pompa

Barbara Jane Reyes

Lidia Torres

Robert Vasquez

The interviews last anywhere from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

Have a look see, at your leisure---HERE.


oscar bermeo said...

A wonderful project, Francisco. I was wondering if the idea of sharing these videos on YouTube has ever come up. A fine example of this is the is UC Berkeley's YouTube channel where you can view past readings from the Lunch Poem Series and the Holloway Series as well as some great interviews.

Take care.

Francisco Aragón said...

Thank you for the comment, Oscar. I'm going to pass this information on to our web guy. Generally speaking, my sense is that Notre Dame is way behind the curve in this area, but I'll see about nudging the Institute in this direction