Tuesday, October 16, 2007

PP Eve/Montoya Prize/Butterfly Boy/Erasmo

Back in the midwest for football and poetry. But we'll forget about the former for now (at least until this Satuday) and concentrate on the latter:

The 2007 season of Palabra Pura is on the homestretch. Two months left before we take a break in December. Again, Peter Ramos flies in from Buffalo tomorrow, and next month Palabra Pura will be hosting the author of Death of a Mexican and Other Poems, Manuel Paul Lopez.


And lest we forget, since the deadline is beginning to creep up: please spread the word: Martín Espada is judging the third edition of the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize and the deadline is not that far off. There is no entrance fee.


Although Eduardo C. Corral mentioned it over at his place, Letras Latinas would like to extend a word of congratulations to Rigoberto González, whose prose memoir, Butterfly Boy, has been awarded a Before Columbus Foundation American Book Award. Rigoberto has some history of collaboration with Letras Latinas in that he was one of the original co-founders of Momotombo Press even before Momotombo Press honed its mission to Latino writers. That would have been back in 2001.

And speaking of prose: a word of thanks to Daniel Olivas for alerting us of a very fine piece of prose by Macondista, Erasmo Guerra, published recently in The New York Times. Treat yourself and read this.

See you tomorrow in Chicago at the California Clipper!

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