Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rosa Alcalá at MiPo

MiPo as in Mipoesias, the online journal published by Didi Menendez---one of several projects she is behind: all with a sharp eye for, one might argue, the future (if it's not already here) of poetry publishing. Her projects, coupled with Charles Bernstein's PennSound and the Poetry Foundation's website are among the most ambitious online efforts at promoting verse. Wait. Add John Tranter's Jacket to complete an eclectic foursome.

The focus of tonight's brief entry from a lounge at SFO as I get ready to catch a red eye back to the heartland ("la América profunda" is what a friend in Spain calls it, teasing), is to direct readers to Rosa Alcalá's interview and poems here.

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KATE EVANS said...

Mipo is great! It's a lucsiously packed online smorgy of great poetry.

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