Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Time Factor

One of the things I've often asked myself while reading this or that blog is: When do they (the bloggers) find the time to do this? One of the conclusions I think I have come to regarding this space is this: it will be a virtual archive of Letras Latinas--that is, if for no one's record but my own, it might very well be useful to chronicle those things that, at some point in the future, might serve as a record of what Letras Latinas was.

I submitted today the "Final Descriptive Report" to the National Endowment for the Arts for "POETAS Y PINTORES: Artists Conversing with Verse". I had tried to get an extension in order to include materials about the exhibit's next stop, but was told that since it fell outside the official grant period (2005/2006), my request was denied.

But for the record, for my record:

POETAS Y PINTORES opens next Thursday at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM and the opening reception coincides with the first day of the 5th Annual Latino Writers Conference. Maria Melendez and I will be joined by poets Valerie Martinez and Pat Mora, and the artist who was inspired by Pat Mora: Maria Elena Macias. I'm looking forward to finally meeting Pat, who has been very supportive of many of Letras Latinas' projects. Poetas y Pintores will be on display for the better part of the summer until August 17. (If I knew how to imbed a live link to their website here, I would)

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Rich said...


Thanks for the kind words here about Acentos, and for your graciousness at the reading on Tuesday. I'll be posting a mini-review of sorts up on my own blog.

Meanwhile, don't sleep on that blog! One day, some young buck on a research grant will be searching through these archives as part of your papers. The archive is all-important.

Many thanks again, sir.

Kind regards,