Thursday, May 3, 2007

Letras Latinas weblog is born.

For the record, today I am meeting our web designer, graphic designer and publications manager to discuss Latino Poetry Review, an online journal slated to launch in early 2008. More to follow.


Francisco Aragón said...
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Lisa Alvarado said...

Francisco! How fantastic! Much luck (which you won't need) in this new project!

Lisa Alvarado

Suzanne said...

Wonderful news, Francisco!

oscar said...

definitely lookin forward to more news & updates. thanks for this.

all da best,

Rich said...

Vaya, vaya. More, more!

luck, luck,

Robert Vasquez said...

Terrific news, Francisco. I'm sure Latino Poetry Review will be just as successful as the other projects you've initiated.

You're truly a dynamo in the poetry world.

Best regards,

Robert Vasquez