Monday, May 21, 2007

The Gift of Galatea

Last year Barbara Jane Reyes graciously agreed to be interviewed for Letras Latinas' Oral History Project. (Joyelle McSweeney had invited her to perform at "Chloe's Cabaret", a series we co-curated this past academic year with Cornelius Eady at Notre Dame's Performing Arts Center; our first season concluded on April 19th with Victor Hernández Cruz). During the interview, I believe, she mentioned the name Eileen Tabios. The name stuck.

Two days ago, Craig Perez, with whom I've exchanged some engaging e-mails these last few weeks, recommended I have a look at Galatea Ressurects, which is edited by Eileen Tabios.

Here is her Editor's Introduction in issue number 1. Reading it reaffirms my resolve to take a crack at Latino Poetry Review, the online journal Letras Latinas will be launching early next year, and after which this blog is currently named.

I know I know: I've arrived to this party over a year late!

Better late than not at all.

Thank you, Eileen. I love that you are in the Bay Area---my home.


EILEEN said...

Thank you for the kind words. Hope we bump into each other sometime in the Bay Area!

barbara jane said...

hi francisco, the world is small, isn't it? do let us know if you find yourself back in the bay! it'd be nice to connect; my only regret is that we will not have any boisterous irish novelists to hang out with us...