Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Click here: Lisa Alvarado at PALABRA PURA

These are baby steps indeed: I don't know how to insert links in the body of a post they way most bloggers do! Hence the post title above. Can anyone recommend a place where I might find a tutorial on how to do this? Is there a "Blogging for Dummies"?

I take the train to Chicago tomorrow for my monthly trek to PALABRA PURA. Lisa Alvarado, who blogs for La Bloga on Thursdays, sent me a series of interview questions on PP, which I returned to her earlier today. As it turns out, she graciously agreed to read for PALABRA PURA on very short notice after our slated "visiting poet" for May had to cancel. I met Lisa for the first time at the Martin Espada reading in Chicago back in March, sponsored by the Poetry Foundation. The evening continued afterwards at The Drake for dinner with Espada and invited guests. PALABRA PURA invited Lisa to the pre-reading dinner for Victor Hernandez Cruz on April 18. In short, she has become a generous ally and supporter.

Lisa is the author of The Housekeeper's Diary, a chapbook of poems with accompanying black and white photography (Robin Barcus) published by La Onda Negra Press. Lisa will be joined by Gregorio Gomez. Again, to learn more, please click on the title of this post. And it goes without saying that if you know anyone in Chicago, pass this information along.


Eduardo C. Corral said...

I learned how to insert links by using the help function of blogger. Just type in what you're having trouble with in the help search box, and you'll get answers in easy to understand language.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Francisco Aragón said...

Thanks, Eduardo. I'll give it stab.